Tuesday, November 11, 2014

Parsley Is All About Green


Beneficial wasp on parsley leaf
A  garden full of herbs that are easy to grow can change your diet.  Just using one herb, parsley for example, can be diet changing. Parsley is easy to grow and has few pests.  Seeds can be started as soon as the ground can be worked in the spring.   Parsley can be harvested from about early June until November.  Parsley can be planted in a regular garden bed intermixed with your plants, or edging a walkway.   It likes sun or part shade and tolerates most soils.  Parsley can also be grown inside in window pots.  Harvest parsley by removing the oldest leaves from the bottom of the plant. 
  As far as your diet goes, parsley can be substituted for lettuce . Finely chop parsley and mix it with oil and garlic as a pesto sauce for macaroni. If you do not get to using your fresh parsley, let it dry. Of course it can be used as a cooking seasoning in any meal as it has a delicate flavor.  Parsley soup and parsley hummus dip can also be made.  But just adding it in any salad is a great way to enjoy more fresh parsley.
   It's nutritional value helps you get Vitamin C , Vitamin K, and Vitamin A, iron and other nutrients.  Parsley is also a strong antioxidant.
  Here is a food that can change your health, be eaten at most meals. and you can grow it right in your landscape. And of course not using strong chemical pesticides and fungicides will go a long way to reducing your exposure to chemicals. . If the plant comes back for a second year it will grow flowers. The parsley flowers will provide nectar for beneficial insects. This is a plant that will serve you and improve your landscape.    

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